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ROTARY seals


Rotary Seals (also commonly known as Oil Seals, Lip Seals or Radial Shaft Seals) are used to retain lubricants in a case housing, e.g. in rotating or oscillating shafts, rods or bores.

Rotary Seals increase the life of a bearing by minimizing contaminants (e.g. dirt and water) from getting inside, which could cause damage or premature failure of parts.

Rotary Seals are available in low pressure or high pressure styles and typically in either Silicon or Nitrile, but if heat or chemical attack is a concern, we offer specialist materials such as FKM and Polyurethane.

Seal House stocks  Standard Rotary Seals in both Metric and Imperial sizes, in double, single and multi-lip designs and in low and high pressure styles.
As well, Seal House stocks Metal-cased and Split Shaft Rotary Seals, V-rings and Swivel Seals.
We can also make Custom Rotary (Oil) Seals to suit your special requirements.




Standard single and double-lip Rotary Seals come fully encased in a protective rubber outer covering which tolerates thermal expansion as well as roughness in the housing bore. It ensures that there will be no fretting corrosion. If the seal is being replaced frequently, the protective rubber casing will also prevent damage to the housing bore.
Styles include:  Cover Seals, G Series, MOS, OS



A metallic casing on a Rotary Seal enables easier fitting and a metal-to-metal press fit. This type of seal demands closer tolerances in the housing bore to ensure proper sealing on the outer covering. A Metal-cased Rotary Seal is often used in cases where there are rougher operating conditions and where larger dimensions are utilised.
Styles include:  G Series, MOS, OS



These seals look very much like standard Rotary Seals (rubber-encased, double-lip) but the sealing lip is shorter and stiffer, giving it the ability to hold 3 to 10 bar of pressure. The use of a circlip for retention is a good clue to identifying the need for using a High Pressure Rotary Seal.
Styles include: TCV, TCN



Split Shaft Rotary Seals are either all rubber or have a fabric reinforced outer diameter, rubber sealing lip and are fitted with a garter spring. They are easy to install and have no corrosion problems. They are designed to be used as bearing seals e.g. in paper mills and in the marine industry.

V-RINGS - click here

The V-ring is an all-elastomer axial seal for rotary shafts and bearings. It rotates with the shaft and seals axially against a stationary counter-face perpendicular to the shaft. This type of seal has proved to be reliable and effective against a variety of contaminants, including dirt, water and oil splash.
Styles include: VA , VS , VLV , VE , VAX


SWIVEL SEALS - click here

A Swivel Seal (also called a Radial Seal or Rotary Seal) is used when fluid or air is moved under pressure between a stationary base and a rotating superstructure. This movement requires a hydraulic swivel or rotary manifold. A Swivel Seal operates inside this component, sealing off each individual chamber in an effective and space conscious way. This seal is often used in earthmoving equipment.
Styles include: ROI



Seal House provides a wide selection of cost effective solutions for your Custom Rotary Seal requirements.

Using state of the art CNC technology, superior quality seal materials and our extensive knowledge base, we can optimise your seal life and performance by customising your Rotary Seal to suit almost any application.

We stock a broad range of materials and profiles, enabling us to supply customised Rotary Seals in a standard 1-4 day turnaround.

Our experienced machine operators ensure that your products are manufactured to an exacting technical standard at all times.
We stock a range of high-quality materials for use in conjunction with our CNC lathes - including Ecopur, H-ecopur, Viton, Nitrile, Fluro -Polymers (PTFE), Actal (POM) and Peek providing you with the best sealing solution for your application.

Seal House Seal House Seal House

Contact us to discuss your special requirements or give us a call on 0800 732 573

Seal House Seal House Seal House


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Why use Seal House?

  • We have a proven reputation for providing Quality Technical Sealing Solutions for any sealing problem.
  • We employ highly experienced and skilled technical staff
  • We ensure that customer satisfaction is a top priority at every level of our company
  • We provide a comprehensive range of standard Rotary Seals in materials, profiles and sizes to suit a wide variety of applications
  • We engineer customised Rotary Seals that meet industry requirements for maximum sealing performance and durability in a wide variety of applications
  • We offer a range of sealing accessories which provide you with a One-stop Shop for all your sealing needs


Most Standard Rotary Seals are available ex-stock. Non standard (custom Rotary Seals) are generally available on a 1-4 day turnaround. 

Seal Materials

Selecting the most appropriate material for your Rotary Seals has a critical impact on achieving the best sealing performance.
We have a  comprehensive range of the latest materials for all applications, including Ecopur, H-ecopur, Viton, Nitrile, Fluro-Polymers (PTFEs), Acetal (POM), Peek and many more.

Applications & Industries

Seal House Seals are successfully used in the following Industries:


  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Drilling
  • Mining
  • Injection moulding
  • Steel Production
  • Military / Defence
  • Tyre Production
  • Oil Field exploration
  • Packaging
  • Power Generation
  • Dairy
  • Valves and Cylinder Repair Industries 

...and in industries that require high chemical resistance, heavy duty or low friction applications.
Our Rotary Seals are used throughout the South Pacific and Australia.

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