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ROd Seals


The Rod Seal often decides the overall performance of an entire hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder.

The Rod Seal has to meet the most demanding requirements and in addition to normal wear and aging, a Rod Seal is directly affected by changes on the rod surface such as temperature extremes.
Leakage through the Rod Seal is one of the most common failures and therefore it is vitally important to choose the correct Rod Seal type and design to suit a particular application.
Seal House supplies a variety of Rod Seals for both Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders, as well as Buffer Seals, Back-Ups and Custom Rod Seals.


HYDRAULIC SEALS - click here 

Rod Seals for use specifically in Hydraulic cylinders include Asymmetric and Symmetrical U-seals, Step seals, Cap seals, V-packs and GT Rings.
Asymmetric U-seals:
Asymmetric U-seals are designed specifically for use in rod applications. The shape of the outside diameter (OD) lip in an Asymmetric U-seal differs from the inside diameter (ID) lip. They are slightly oversize in diameter to snap into the gland and are supported by the groove.
  • Styles include IDI, SDA, UST
  • Style UST is an Asymmetric U-seal with a triple lip design, giving improved stability and lubrication.
Symmetrical U-seals: 

The most common material for a hydraulic application is Urethane.

  • Styles include US, MUS
Step seals /Cap seals:
These Rod Seals are for use in low friction / higher temperature applications
V-packs feature multiple sealing lips, made robust with a fabric insert.
G T Rings:  
These Rod Seals combine a resilient sealing ring with a hard split back-up on each side of the sealing element. They are installed in a standard O-ring groove, and are non-spiralling and extrusion resistant.
  • Style:

PNEUMATIC SEALS - click here

Pneumatic cylinders are much more brand orientated in design, unlike hydraulic cylinders, which are regionally standardised. This means there is a lot more specialized sizing in Pneumatic cylinders and the choosing of the correct seal is even more exacting.
The U-seal is the most common Rod Seal for use in a pneumatic cylinder and Combination Rod Seal/Wipers are also widely used in rod applications.
Asymmetric U-seals:
Asymmetric U-seals are designed specifically for use in rod applications. The shape of the outside diameter(OD) lip in an Asymmetric U-seal differs from the inside diameter (ID) lip. They are slightly oversize in diameter to snap into the gland and are supported by the groove.
  • Styles include: RUM, DI

Symmetrical U-seals:
Symmetrical U-seals can be used in either a rod or piston application. They are a mirror image in regards to the shape of the inner and outer lips.
Rubber is used in pneumatic and low pressure applications.

Combined Rod Seal/ Wiper:
Combination Rod Seal/Wipers are commonly used in Pneumatic cylinders and provide a space saving feature.

  • Two styles that interchange are KP and KPS

BUFFER SEALS - click here

A Buffer Seal is commonly used in heavy duty applications, where leak-free performance and high service life cannot be assured by a single sealing element.
Buffer Seals provide the majority of the rod sealing performance while allowing fluid to pass by to the primary Rod Seal. At the same time, they enable trapped fluid, sealed by the primary seal, to be pumped back into the system.
Buffer seals are typically unidirectional Rod Seals that work in conjunction with the primary Rod Seal to absorb pressure spikes.


U-SEAL BACK-UPS - click here

Back-ups are used primarily as an anti-extrusion device for U-seals.
Back-ups combine high performance with very low Friction.


CUSTOM ROD SEALS- click here

Seal House provides a wide selection of cost effective solutions for your custom Rod Seal requirements.
Using state of the art CNC technology, superior quality seal materials and our extensive knowledge base, we can optimise your seal life and performance by customising your Rod Seal to suit almost any application.
We stock a broad range of materials and profiles, enabling us to supply customised Rod Seals in a standard 1-4 day turnaround.
Our experienced machine operators ensure that your products are manufactured to an exacting technical standard at all times.
Seal House Seal House Seal House

Contact us to discuss your special Rod Seal requirements (single or multiple runs) or give us a call on 0800 732 573

Seal House Seal House Seal House

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Why use Seal House?

  • We have a proven reputation for providing Quality Technical Sealing Solutions for any sealing problem.
  • We employ highly experienced and skilled technical staff
  • We ensure that customer satisfaction is a top priority at every level of our company
  • We provide a comprehensive range of standard Rod Seals in materials, profiles and sizes to suit a wide variety of applications
  • We engineer customised Rod Seals that meet industry requirements for maximum sealing performance and durability in a wide variety of applications
  • We offer a range of sealing accessories which provide you with a One-stop Shop for all your sealing needs


Most Standard Rod Seals are available ex-stock. Non standard (custom Rod Seals) are generally available on a 1-4 day turnaround. 

Seal Materials

Selecting the most appropriate material for your Rod Seals has a critical impact on achieving the best sealing performance.
We have a  comprehensive range of the latest materials for all applications, including Ecopur, H-ecopur, Viton, Nitrile, Fluro-Polymers (PTFEs), Acetal (POM), Peek and many more.

Applications & Industries

Seal House Rod Seals are successfully used in the following Industries:


  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Food processing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Construction
  • Drilling
  • Mining
  • Injection moulding
  • Steel Production
  • Military / Defence
  • Tyre Production
  • Oil Field exploration
  • Packaging
  • Power Generation
  • Dairy
  • Valves and Cylinder Repair Industries 

...and in industries that require high chemical resistance, heavy duty or low friction applications.

Our Rod Seals are used throughout the South Pacific and Australia.

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